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Portrait of an eagle

Ava Petrosky portrait

Since starting Portrait, I have noticed students compliment each other about how they demonstrate the competencies. Students tell me the lessons are fun and give them the chance to learn how to take care of themselves while building confidence.

- Ava Petrosky

Jason Kofmehl portrait

Portrait of an Eagle has given me the ability to dive deeper into the content of my courses. We focus on the how and the why instead of just the what and the when. It's helped my students to grow.

- Jason Kofmehl

Christina Stoshack portrait

Portrait of an Eagle - instilling the confidence, adaptability, empathy, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and responsibility necessary for successful employees, military recruits, and students of the future!

- Christina Stoshack


Young boy in yellow shirt and young girl in penn state sweatshirt.

Middlesex Elementary, nestled in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is proudly known as the home of the Mountain Lions. Situated about 20 miles west of Harrisburg, our school accommodates approximately 420 students from kindergarten through 5th grade. We boast a vibrant array of activities, including band, orchestra, and chorus, enriching our students' educational experience. Established in 1999, Middlesex Elementary features a spacious campus complete with a full-sized gymnasium, LION TV studio, and an expansive playground offering basketball, soccer, and a gaga ball pit. Our school also prides itself on its serene environmental trail, providing students with opportunities to connect with nature while learning. With a dedicated team of staff, Middlesex places a strong emphasis on supporting and caring for its students. Our active PTO further enhances our community spirit, offering numerous opportunities for engagement. At Middlesex Elementary, we believe in the strength of unity, fostering a culture of "Together, Stronger, Mountain Lion Pride."